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Gentle Stretch 全身伸展瑜伽

  • 1 hour
  • CWB - 銅鑼灣富明街1號寶富大樓1H (近波斯富街,么鳳樓上)

Service Description

Through the basic yoga stretching poses, combined with breathing methods. It is a slow exercise that can improve the flexibility of the muscles and tendons and the mobility of the joints. It is suitable for people who have accumulated too much pressure due to lack of physical activity. It helps to improve your joint stiffness, muscle weakness and tension. 透過基礎的瑜珈伸展體式,配合呼吸法。是種緩慢的鍛鍊,可改善筋骨柔軟度和關節靈活度,適合因身體缺乏體力活動而累積了過多的壓力的人,改善關節的僵化、肌肉的無力與緊張。

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Cancellation Policy

************************************* 請假、改期和取消政策: 1. 需要在24小時前以電郵、訊息或Whatsapp通知我們。 2. 延遲取消或缺席將視為出席扣減一堂課。 3. 補課需於課程效期內完成,逾期恕不受理。 4. 如有任何爭議,Holly.letsyoga將保留最終決定權。 Take leave, reschedule and cancellation policy: 1. 24 hours in advance notice via email, message, or WhatsApp is required. 2. Any late cancellation and no show will be deducted 1 class as attended. 3. The make-up lesson must be completed within the validity period. Late application will not be considered. 4. Should any disputes arise, the decision of Holly.letsyoga shall be final.

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